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Econosto includes numerous internationally operating wholesale companies and, as a market-oriented knowledge organisation, supplies high quality industrial valves, fittings, instrumentation, gaskets and hoses as complete systems to customer specifications.
Through an efficient worldwide distribution concept, our all inclusive solutions find their way to companies in the maritime sector, general industry, (petro)chemical industry, oil and gas industry and utility and housing construction.
More and more customers are relying on the Econ® brand for their fittings and instrumentation. Products that qualify for the Econ® quality mark are therefore both sustainable and designed on the basis of our customers’ requirements.
In addition, Econosto supplies a very broad and deep selection of A brands from renowned manufacturers for every sector, ranging from standard products to high quality sustainable and environmentally-friendly products.

Valves & Fittings:

Butterfly valves, ball valves, globe valves, gate valves, solenoid valves, bellows valves, filters, sight glasses… The breadth of the range of valves and fittings for general industrial applications is enormous. Econosto supplies an increasing number of these products under its own Econ® label: a guarantee of quality, reliability and a perfect price/quality ratio.

Steam technology & Safety valves:

The fact that Econosto had its origins in steam technology is still noticeable today from the versatility and breadth of the range of steam fittings. Econosto is consequently the undisputed and only officially authorised supplier in the Netherlands of all models from the extensive range of Leser safety valves. We also offer a complete range of Spirax Sarco components, the globally acknowledged authority in the field of steam products.


Econosto offers a wide selection of products for measuring and controlling pressure, temperature, level and flow. Many of these products, including pressure and temperature meters, can be supplied according to customer specifications. We also supply a range of hydraulic and electric drives for quarter-turn valves and a selection of high quality compressed air fittings.

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