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Goodwin International

Goodwin International Limited, world renowned for and the market leader in the design, manufacture and supply of Dual Plate Check Valves for use in the world's hydrocarbon, energy and process industries, in 2007 added the Goodwin Nozzle Check Valve to its range of check valve solutions.

Goodwin International Limited has always subscribed to manufacturing product to the highest possible quality.
Prior to the introduction of Quality Assurance Standards BS 5750 / ISO 9001, Goodwin International had QA systems in place that met the requirements of all the international oil / petrochemical majors and engineering contractors.
The introduction of BS 5750 / ISO 9001 was easily and readily adopted by Goodwin International Limited and sister company, Goodwin Steel Castings Limited. BS 5750 approval for both companies was first obtained in 1984. Goodwin Steel Castings was the first foundry in Europe to receive such accreditation.

Goodwin International has developed the most technically advanced Dual Plate Check Valve available...

Goodwin Check Valves are available in 5 basic body styles: Wafer, Flanged, Solid Lug, Buttweld end, Hub end, and in an extensive range of sizes, pressure classes and materials.

Its principal features are those of it being Retainerless as standard, i.e. no body plugs, and its patented “slim” plate design giving improved flow efficiencies and superior metal-to-metal seating shut-off. The Goodwin Check Valve embodies other performance enhancing features such as Plate Shock Bumpers, Independent Plate Closing Action and heel lift (Seat Life).

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